REVIEW: Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum and Renewing Moisturiser.

Derma E

It’s winter here in Australia, and as the weather cools down, my skin gets to, unfortunately, dry up. Every winter I assess my skincare regime and try to work out what I can be doing to take better care of my face.

When I was asked to review the Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum* and Renewing Moisturiser*, I jumped at the chance. I had used Derma E products before and I knew that Derma E is a high quality, cruelty free brand that focused on using natural products wherever possible. I’d also heard about all the great affects of using Vitamin C in your skincare, but never really found a range that I liked. I was very keen to see if Derma E’s Vitamin C range would agree with my combination skin.

Derma E 2

The Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum and Renewing Moisturiser* are both packaged in slender bottles with a pump that contain 60ml of product each. I love the simple white and orange label design because it instantly makes me think of oranges and  therefore vitamin C. Both products come in a matching box.

The Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum* retails at $39.95 in Australia and contains active ingredients hyaluronic acid, non-oxidising vitamin C and aloe vera.  According to the press release, this serum promises to help

…brighten the skin and boost collagen health, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of uneven skin tone.”

The Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum* is a gel-based serum with a slight orange tint. It has a delicious natural citrus scent which reminds me of the lemon tree that grew in my childhood backyard. It dissolves into the skin very quickly and unlike some other Vitamin C products that I’ve tried, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. After use, my skin feels very smooth and ready for some moisturiser.

The Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturiser* retails for $34.95 and it is a very light, cream-based moisturiser. It has the same incredible citrus scent as the serum. I prefer a heavier moisturiser at night time, so I have been using the Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturiser* as a day cream and I am please to share that it is the best day cream I have ever used! It’s super light, doesn’t add unnecessary grease to my t-zone and is the perfect base for make-up. I don’t even need to use a makeup primer when I wear this moisturiser!

In addition to non-oxidising vitamin C, the Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturiser* also contains rooibos and probiotics. According to the press release, this combination of ingredients is designed to

 …help shield and strengthen the skin’s natural defences for a smoother, firmer and more revitalised appearance.”

I’ve been using the Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum* and the Renewing Moisturiser* for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed that my complexion is looking brighter and I am experiencing less redness. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone who is looking for natural skincare solutions that actually work.

*All products in this post were provided for my review.  This has not influenced my views in any way.  Please read my PR & Disclosure Policy for more information.

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Do you know about Boe?*

Boe Beauty is an affordable, high quality make-up line available exclusively at Big W Australia. Prices start as low as just $2.00!

Boe Professional is Boe Beauty’s sister brand and the quality of these high-end inspired products are impressive, but the prices are still very affordable. The Boe Professional line contains everything you need to create all the latest make-up looks for a fraction of the price.

I was invited to a VIP Bloggers’ Event at Boe HQ in South Melbourne last year and it was so fun to see what goes on behind the scenes. We were treated to a yummy lunch, lots of bubbly and trialling some yet-to-hit-stores products. The team at Boe also sent us all home with a very generous gift bag of products to try at home.



Some of the Boe Professional products I was given to try.


I think that all of the Boe Beauty and Boe Professional products I’ve tried so far* have been amazing quality for the price, but the standouts for me would have to be the lipsticks. All the shades I’ve tried are pigmented with build-able coverage and are super comfortable to wear.

The Colour Pro Super Shine Lipstick* in Athena has become one of my favourite everyday lip colours.  It’s a beautiful peachy-nude colour with a dewy shine. It’s like a lipgloss without the stickiness factor and it’s pretty long lasting too.

The Colour Pro Matte Perfect Lipstick* in Vixen has become my go-to dramatic red lipstick. It’s a classic Marilyn Monroe-esque red and although it’s a true matte, it doesn’t dry out my lips. This is probably due to the amazing concoction of natural oils working under the surface – Jojoba, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond.

Honestly, I prefer Boe Professional Lipsticks to most more expensive drugstore brands that I’ve tried. If you realise at the last minute that you need a particular shade of lipstick to match your new dress and you don’t want to spend a fortune,  I suggest you give Boe a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Boe Beauty and Boe Professional Products and sold exclusively at Big W Australia. For more information check out their website.

So, tell me, what do you think of Boe? 

*All products in this post were provided for my review.  This has not influenced my views in any way.  Please read my PR & Disclosure Policy for more information.

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REVIEW: Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow Brush*

Make-up lovers went wild when the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection of make-up brushes hit Australian stores.

According to the Real Techniques website, the Bold Metals Collection was designed with:

[o]ne goal: to create a breathtaking, premium brush line that delivered amazing results.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 7.08.41 PM

The stunning Bold Metals Brush Collection. Image: press release.


I was fortunate to be sent the 200 Oval Shadow brush* to review. It has a stunning, long silver coloured handle and fluffy white bristles which are very soft.



The Real Techniques 200 Oval Shadow Brush* from the Bold Metals Collection.


As with all Real Techniques brushes, there are helpful videos online, which show you how to use each brush in the Bold Metals collection. The video for the 200 Oval Shadow brush* (narrated by one of the Real Techniques’ founders, Nic Chapman) explains that the brush can be used with cream or powder eyeshadows and due to its size it is perfect for applying a base colour.

Nic Chapman also explains that the 200 Oval Shadow brush* can be used to blend coloured eyeshadows into the crease of the eye and even with concealer under the eyes. You can watch the full video on YouTube.

I experimented with this brush using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Firstly, I love how light this brush is! Will the metallic handle I expected it to be heavy but it’s light and easy to use. Secondly, it picks up powdered eyeshadow easily and you don’t lose heaps of product when you tap off excess product.

I have quite small eyelids, so this brush is perfect for applying base colours and a brow highlight, but too big for any intricate blending or crease work.

I am so tempted to try some more brushes from this collection. As I love contouring I am thinking about investing in the 300 Tapered Brush and the 301 Flat Contour Brush – also known as the two gorgeous brushes with rose gold coloured handles.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.47.01 PM

The 300 Tapered Brush and the 301 Flat Contour Brush – sooooo pretty. Image: Real Techniques Website.


The 200 Oval Shadow brush* retails for $39.00 in Australia.  You can find the entire Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection at Priceline. For other countries, stockists can be found on the Real Techniques website.

Have you tried the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection?  What did you think?

*This product was provided for my review.  This has not influenced my views in any way.  Please read my PR & Disclosure Policy for more information.

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Thank ‘Goodness’* for natural skincare solutions!


Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser and Every Week Face Scrub.

Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser and Every Week Face Scrub.


I like to avoid chemicals wherever possible, so I was delighted when these Goodness skincare products arrived on my doorstep.

Goodness is an affordable, natural skincare brand. Their products contain loads of wonderful ingredients, including their star ingredient – chia seed oil.

According to the Goodness website:

Chia seed oil is the bees knees, the A student, the red carpet gown of plant oils for your skin. A couple of drops a few times a day sorts out essential fatty acids, minerals, B-vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and general goodness for your skin.

Using chia seed oil means you’re giving your skin all it needs to do what it’s designed to do – making you look awesome plus keeping your insides infection free and in the right place.”

The Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser* and the Every Week Face Scrub*  are very creamy and super hydrating. So, if you have normal to dry skin, they could be great for you! As I recently discovered that I have combination skin, these products are probably slightly too rich for me to use everyday. I hope that Goodness bring out some gel-based products in the near future.

Both products have a very earthy scent, and the aroma of chia seed oil definitely shines through.

The Every Week Face Scrub* has tiny grains of powdered pumice in it, which creates a very gentle exfoliation. No nasty microbeads in sight! Hoorah!

As someone whose skin used to be incredibly dry, I can say that these are much better quality than most other ‘drugstore’ hydrating skincare products out there.

In Australia, you can find Goodness products at all My Chemist stores and selected Woolworths supermarkets and Priceline stores.

Have you tried Goodness products? What did you think? 

*These products were provided for my review.  This has not influenced my views in any way.  Please read my PR & Disclosure Policy for more information.

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Casual Curl* Review

Deep down, I think I secretly want to be a hair dresser.  I LOVE playing with hair, whether it be a friend’s or my own, and trying out new hair styles.  I also absolutely love trying out the clever-styling tools that make the process easier.  The one thing that I refuse to do at home is a proper blow wave.  Why, you ask?  Well, I have an irrational fear of round brushes because I have only tried to use one at home twice in my life and both times I managed to get it stuck in my hair!  It’s such a shame that I am too scared to use a round brush at home, considering how popular the flicked-out/loose curl look is nowadays.  Not to mention that regular salon blow waves are expensive!

I was delighted to try out the new Casual Curl roller, but was a little scared too because it resembles a round brush.  So I recruited my lovely blogger friend Melissa from ‘Melissa Bubbles Beauty, Fashion & Life!’ to teach me how to use the Casual Curl and put my mind at ease!

What is Casual Curl?

“Casual Curl is an innovative styling roller that allows you to style your hair into ‘the Kate look’. Relaxed, smooth, casual curls are created in just minutes – and you don’t have to be a professional to master the technique.

Endorsed by multi-award winning hair stylist and Australian hairdresser of the year Brad Ngata, Casual Curl is set to become the next essential tool for every salon and home styling kit.” – From the Casual Curl website 

How to use it? 

Luckily, using the Casual Curl is much easier then battling a blowdryer and round brush!  Here are the instructions according to the Casual Curl website:

1.  Prepare your hair with a setting lotion or spray and blow dry hair.

2.  Take a section of hair as wide as the Casual Curl roller and roll the hair around the roller. Apply a setting spray for more hold.

3.  Attach the CasualCurl roller to your blow dryer.

4.  Turn on the blow dryer, heat the Casual Curl for 30 seconds. Turn the dryer off and let the roller cool.

5.  When cool, unwind the hair to release a perfect, casual curl. Spray to hold in place.

6.  Repeat process for desired Casual Curl style.




My Results (Keep reading after the pics) 





My Thoughts

I think the Casual Curl is a very innovative hair styling tool and definitely makes it possible to achieve the loosely curled, salon fresh look at home.  For long, thick hair like mine, I think it is definitely necessary to use multiple rollers because there is a lot of waiting time involved while the roller curls down, and with multiple rollers I could use the cooling time to start the next section.  Much more user-friendly than a round brush, I would definitely (calmly) use the Casual Curler again without Melissa’s supervision!  I hope they bring out wider versions of the Casual Curl soon because it was too narrow to attach to my GHD Air hairdryer and I had to use Melissa’s narrower VS hairdryer instead.  I would recommend wearing a heatproof glove (like the velvet ones that come with some curling wands) if you are sensitive to heat because the Casual Curl heats up fast.

For more information, or to purchase a Casual Curl roller for yourself, check out  Casual Curl are currently offering a great special where you save 20% when you buy two rollers.

Have you used the Casual Curl?  I’d love to know what you thought of it.

*I was provided with one Casual Curl roller for my consideration and review in accordance with my PR & Disclosure Policy.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Till next time,

Claire xx

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