Benefit Cosmetics’ Bold is Beautiful Project


Looking your best is time-consuming and expensive.  Manicures get delayed, leg waxing gets put-off and hair appointments get rescheduled because we’re all too busy.

A non-negotiable treatment for me, no matter how busy I am, is a monthly eyebrow wax and tint at Myer Chadstone’s Benefit Brow Bar.  Why do I put eyebrows first?  Well, they’re a massive self-esteem booster!

The right brow shape flatters my face, makes my eyes look bigger and makes my make-up easier to apply.  The wrong brow shape is the stuff of nightmares.

Benefit Cosmetics are simply the best at what they do.  The talk you through every step of the process of creating your dream eyebrows and the staff are just so passionate about making their customers look and feel great!

If you’ve been contemplating trying a Benefit brow makeover, May is the perfect month to give it a go!  Benefit Cosmetics are donating $10 from every Brow service in May to charities which help empower women.  So not only will you leave your appointment feeling fantastic, but you’ll be helping another woman receive a much-needed self-esteem boost.


The proceeds from this project will be evenly distributed between three amazing charities: Look Good Feel Better, Fitted for Work and Sister 2 Sister. 

Look Good Feel Better focuses on increasing Cancer patients’ self-esteem during and after treatment.  They run workshops in make-up, skincare and headwear techniques to help these brave women feel confident about their appearance.  This wonderful charity has helped several amazing women in my life and I wholeheartedly love their work.

Fitted for Work assists disadvantaged women in finding work.  In addition to teaching job interview technique, they also help women to dress for success.  We all know that looking the part is essential in landing the job, and this great charity helps that happen for women who might not have been able to afford a professional look otherwise.

Sister 2 Sister is a year-long mentorship program, which focuses on supporting vulnerable teenage girls.  In addition to a great Little Sister/Bigger Sister support program, they also run bootcamps where the girls are taught “self-defense, keeping out of harm’s way, dealing with depression, body image/eating disorders, self-harm, grief and loss, healthy body healthy mind, cooking healthy meals on a tight budget, fitness, anger management, resilience, goal setting, job interview skills and resume writing, goal setting, tapping potential and much more.”

I “gave a brow” on Saturday 9th May at Myer Chadstone’s Benefit Brow Bar.  I had my usual wax and tint.  The staff were dressed like the super hero in the Bold is Beautiful campaign logo and they were even handing out cupcakes!

Before and after my brow makeover

Before and after my brow makeover

Benefit Australia would love YOU to participate too and share your new look on social media!  Just post a photo of your bold new brows on Instagram, tag @BenefitAustralia and @Myer and hashtag #BoldIsBeautiful.  You can even nominate some friends to give a brow!

Benefit’s other Social Media accounts are:


Find your local Benefit Brow Bar here. 

Come on folks, let’s help a sister out and give a brow!



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