2015 Resolutions Progress Report

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I started the year with a lot of enthusiasm to make changes to my life.  You might remember this enthusiasm from posts such as ‘My 2015 Resolutions,’ ‘How I’m Making My Resolutions a Reality Part 1: Eating Less and Exercising More’ and ‘How I’m Making My Resolutions a Reality Part 2: Reducing Wardrobe Stress.’  If you read that last sentence in The Simpsons’ Troy McClure’s voice, I salute you.

One of the many promises I made myself was to blog about my progress here monthly to keep myself accountable…that did not happen.  This is my first 2015 progress report post.  Apologies if you’ve been hanging out for updates.

So what took me so long?  Have I failed spectacularly and thrown in the towel a quarter of the way through the year?  I am very pleased to say “no.”  I’ve been very goal-orientated all year and I’m feeling like I’m in a much better place emotionally than I was in 2014.

My progress has had a lot of up-and-downs though and I just haven’t been ready to put everything on virtual paper.  Instead I’ve stuck to fun posts like event recaps, products reviews and book reviews.

Let me finally update you on my progress for each resolution:

  • To eat less junk food and exercise more.

I have managed to do more exercise and eat less junk food every, single week this year so far and I am so proud of that.  There hasn’t been one week when I didn’t get to the gym at least twice (my goal is get there five times a week) and I’ve been planning (and prepping) all my meals in advance using the menu planner I discussed in this post.  

Dealing with emotional eating is still a constant struggle and I know that it sets me back.  I can eat all the right meals and do the hard work at the gym and still crave a bowl of ice cream or too much chocolate after dinner.  The influx of chocolately gifts into our house after Easter didn’t help either.

My weight and measurements have gone down and up again.  I know that, as a woman, hormones play a big factor but I wish I was seeing more obvious results.

Starting today I’m going to really focus on beating my emotional eating habit and ensure that I’m feeding my sweet tooth with healthier options such as Greek yogurt with berries, a small portion of dark chocolate or fruit.

I’m also going to try adding more cardio to my fitness regime and see if that helps.

  • To maintain a better work/life balance. 

Considering I teach part-time, study part time and do the majority of the home duties, I think I’m doing pretty well in this area.  I’ve stuck to cutting back my hours at work, which has allowed me more time to complete my uni assignments at a relaxed pace.

My social life is suffering though and I find it difficult to find the time or energy to go out for a girls’ night.  I spend a lot of my Saturday nights catching-up on homework, wanting to cry every time I check Facebook and see all the fun things my friends are doing.  I know this needs to change.  I need to find more time for fun.

  • To make more time for ‘me’: meditation, Reiki, adequate sleep and pampering.

I’m slowly learning to schedule ‘me time’ and my mental health is thanking me for it.

I don’t meditate enough though.  Whenever I do it I feel amazing, but I always manage to forget to schedule time for it.  This needs to change.

Reiki is a part of my daily life and keeps me sane.

I’ll never be a good sleeper, but I’m learning to force myself to go to bed before midnight on work nights, and as a result I’m feeling much more energised in the morning.

Pampering also keeps me sane, as crazy as that sounds.  I especially enjoy the sort of pampering where you don’t need to talk; it’s almost a kind of meditation for me.  I’ve started investing in weekly massages, which both my back and mind are loving, and I want to start adding monthly facials to my budget and routine.

  • To reduce wardrobe (i.e. I have NOTHING to wear!) stress.

This is probably the resolution I’m doing best at achieving.  I’ve cleared out my wardrobe of any clothes that weren’t serving me anymore and filled it with clothes that make me look and feel great at my current shape and size.

My Outfit Planner, as discussed in this post, has helped me immensely and I still use it every day.  This proves to me that an organised life is a happy life.

  • To graduate university.

I’m getting great marks so far.  If I keep up the good work, I’m sure this will happen.

  • To continue to run a flourishing business and find new ways to make it better.

So far, so good!  I’m not going to go into detail because I’m not here to brag, but I know that the positives of both my blog and my teaching business’ growth this year outweigh the negatives.  Considering that finishing university needs to be my first priority right now, I’m really happy with that.

So that brings me to the end of my first 2015 Progress Report.  Hopefully it won’t take me four months to write another one!

Before writing this post I was feeling pretty disappointed with myself for not losing more weight by now.  After assessing the progress of all my resolutions, I see that I’m actually doing pretty well with making changes to my life.  I kind of feel proud actually!

Since my study, business, mental health and style goals are going pretty well, I feel ready to give my diet the focus I need.  Surely this will help me as I work towards feeling better in my own skin.

How are your resolutions going?  I’d love to hear about them!  Comment below or contact me via social media.  If you feel like you’re back at square one, pick yourself up and try again!

There are eight months of this year left, let’s make them great!  We can do this!

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