Reflection on 2014

I’m not gonna lie, 2014 was a tough year.  I pushed myself to the absolute limit work and study-wise which meant I was left with little to no “me time.”   In all the craziness and stress, I turned to comfort food and made exercise less of a priority.  I gained some weight which has left me feeling pretty crappy about myself.  I don’t know how much exactly because I don’t weigh myself due to it being too easy for me to become obsessed with the numbers.  I am just going by photos and how my clothes look and feel.  As a girl who has always had body image issues, gaining what is probably around five kilos has left me feeling really down.  I know that to some people, I may seem ridiculous complaining about such a relatively small weight gain but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or what size you are, if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin you’re going to feel unhappy.  I’m not saying that loosing weight guarantees happiness but I know that when I’m physically fit and fuelling myself with the right food it boosts my mood and energy levels.

Just like I have almost every new year since hitting puberty, one of my new year’s resolutions is to eat less junk and exercise more.  I don’t have a particular number of kilos I want to loose or a size I want to be.  I just want to feel fit and strong and like how I look in photos again.  I am putting some great new habits into place to make my resolutions easier to stick to including: preparing a Menu Plan and grocery shopping for the week a head every Sunday; trying new clean eating recipes each week to prevent boredom; scheduling workouts; and going back to regular dance classes (a form of exercise that I actually LOVE, which is a big deal for a not-so-sporty-girl.)  For the sake of my mental health (and getting through the final year of my uni degree) I am also planning to adjust my work schedule.  I know I am lucky to have the luxury to do that, but it is one of the positives of working for yourself (thankfully there are SOME, haha).  I am also going to continue practising meditation, Reiki and healthy self-talk because happiness and mindfulness helps me feel and look better.

It is so easy to mentally beat myself up for gaining weight and view 2014 as a failure but I need to remind myself that I was busy and I achieved A LOT.  So for the sake of uplifting my spirits (NOT bragging) here is a list of all the GOOD STUFF that happened for me in 2014 (and if you’re feeling shitty about 2014, I suggest you make a list of the positive things that happened to you too):

  • I received one of the best birthday presents ever, my beautiful baby cat Sweeney who has brought me so much joy #crazycatlady
  • My singing teaching business has continued to grow.  My lovely students have passed voice exams; performed in talent competitions; received music scholarships; had lead roles in plays; overcome stage fright; performed in 2 singing school concerts (with costumes!) and gained confidence and I am a part of all of that.
  • I’ve strengthened my relationships with my husband, family and friends.  Thank you to the people who are always there for me and make me laugh hysterically.  You know who you are.
  • I had my first featured role on a TV show (although it was unfortunately a non-speaking one.)  I got to be on TV previews and even a Facebook meme for the show which was pretty cool. #15minutesoffame
  • I had my first auditions for a feature film and for a voice over role.  Unfortunately I wasn’t cast in either role but in the entertainment industry one has to celebrate the baby steps.
  • I was one of the Victorian finalists for the role of Snow White in the Snow White Oz pantomime/musical.
  • I read A LOT of great books and listened to even more audiobooks.
  • I passed 5 units part-time at uni while working two jobs, running a household, maintaining a social life and blogging occasionally.  Still waiting on my medal, haha!
  • I found time for all my favourite trashy TV shows which brought me so many laughs and much needed down time: Dance Moms, Jerseylicious, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bethenny, Giuliana and Bill, Real Housewives of Melbourne and, most importantly, The Bachelor Australia. #Prorities #dirtystreetpie
  • I somehow found time to squeeze in an amateur musical, ‘Avenue Q.’ 
  • I did my Reiki 1 course and started meditating more regularly.
  • I went to some AWESOME blogger events and beauty expos. 
  • I survived a 3 day Pressed Juices cleanse and gave-up coffee.  A big deal for a previous 3+ cups a day girl.
  • I had a blog post shared by The Glow, Mama Mia and retweeted by some of their editors.
  • I gave-up acrylic nails for good! 
  • I invested in (and actually figured out how to use) some great make-up brushes and I actually think I am much better at doing my make-up now.
  • Made my YouTube related beauty debut on Melissa Bubbles’ YouTube Channel and she actually invited me back two more times! Thanks Mel!
  • I finally figured out how to French braid my own hair. #Nevertoolate

So, if you made it through the list without getting bored or deciding I’m a self-obssessed idiot (I swear I’m not), as you can see it was a pretty fruitful year and I need to stop giving myself such a hard time.  As I said, If you’re regretting how you spent 2014 please try writing your own list of positives, things probably weren’t as bad as you thought 🙂

I am determined to make 2015 a big year of positive changes and in my next post I’ll talk in more detail about the strategies I am putting in my place to make achieving them easier.  I am also going to write about my progress once a month on this blog to keep myself accountable.

Thanks for reading my rant and I hope it has left you feeling positive.  Would love to know about your reflections on 2014 and your goals for 2015.  Please comment below!

Till next time,

Ms This n That Blog xx


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