My Pressed Juices Cleanse Experience


Like many other women, I usually let my health and fitness game slip a little in Winter.  Carbs and chocolate are far too comforting during the cold weather and it is much harder to find the motivation to exercise, even if like me all you need to do is get into your heated car and drive to your heated gym.

Needless to say, as the end of October rolled around and the weather warmed-up, I was feeling bloated, lethargic and in desperate need to get my mojo (and hopefully a semi-decent bikini body) back for summer.  I knew that the only way to feel summer fit would be with a balanced diet and regular exercise but I needed something to give me a boost.  Several friends of mine (including blogger buddy Kat from Kitsch Snitch) had raved about the juice cleanses by the Australian brand Pressed Juices so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I hopped onto the Pressed Juices website and decided to go for the basic three day cleanse as I was a newbie juicer.  The three day cleanse cost $198, which isn’t cheap for three days of sustenance, but as someone too busy to make juices for myself all day long, I decided it was worth the convenience.  Online I was able to choose my juices for each day and select the store I would like to pick them up from.  A delivery option is also available for selected areas.

On the basic three day cleanse, you are provided with eight juices per day so you need to drink one every two to four hours.  Basically I felt like I was drinking juice all day long.  Most of the juices were delicious and I was never hungry.  Out of the eight juices I chose, the only one I wouldn’t order again is ‘Earth 3’ because the combination of beetroot and ginger made me feel a little queasy.  ‘The Slippery Elm’ tonic was the toughest to drink and is unfortunately a compulsory part of the cleanse.  It had a bitter, earthy flavour and then a sickly sweet after taste. I poured it into a huge soup mug and heated it up in the microwave which made it slightly more pleasant.  I occasionally had cravings for chocolate, bread or anything I could actually bite into, but I resisted because I’d invested good money and I was determined to get great results.

The only thing I struggled with on the cleanse was giving-up caffeine.  As a two to four cups per day person, the withdrawal headaches on the first day were pretty bad.  By the morning of day two I felt much better and didn’t miss coffee at all.  The day after my cleanse, I turned my coffee machine on only to realise that I actually didn’t feel like a coffee.  Two months later, I still haven’t had a coffee and instead I drink one or two cups of tea per day.  Sure, I have days when I really miss it, but I just resist and have a green tea instead.  I hope I get to the point where I can have a coffee occasionally as a treat.  For the moment, I just feel happier and healthier without coffee, which is big deal for a former coffee addict!

So what were my results?  Other than quitting coffee, I felt less bloated, happier and more energetic.  For me, the Pressed Juice cleanse lived up to the hype and with Christmas (and way too much food) around the corner, I will probably be booking my next cleanse soon!

Have you tried a juice cleanse?  What did you think?

‘Till next time,

Claire xx

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