The Christmas Baking Recap

As mentioned in my previous post, I LOVE Christmas but it is a super busy time for me. Both my husband and I have big Italian families so in order to see everybody we attended SEVEN Christmas parties between December 20th and 26th. It was lots of fun but it required lots of preparation, shopping, wrapping gifts and travelling. Yep, we’re exhausted!

On top of all the usual Christmas activities, I decided I wanted to bake something special for all the celebrations I was attending this year. Usually, I eat about 80% ‘clean’ and Christmas is the one time of year when I treat myself to some truly decadent cooking and eating! After lots of Googling, I decided on two recipes, Gingerbread Biscuits and Chocolate Puddini.

Gingerbread Biscuits


I was inspired by this recipe. The only change I made was replacing golden syrup with maple syrup (I prefer the taste) and using heart, star and tree cutters instead of traditional gingerbread man cutters.

The result was delicious, light biscuits which I will definitely make again!

Chocolate Puddini


I was inspired by Nigella Lawsen’s recipe for traditional Puddini Bon Bons which I found here. Unfortunately, several family members don’t like fruit cakes/puddings so I decided to do a chocolate cake base instead.

I noticed that some other Mini Pudding recipes used a Madeira Cake base so I decided to use a Chocolate Madeira Cake Base using this recipe. Of course, if you’re in a hurry you can cheat and buy a ready made Madeira cake and crumb it, but I was in the mood for a challenge. It did feel very strange to destroy a cake that I’d worked so hard on but it was worth it to make these gorgeous treats!

The only other changes I made to Nigella’s recipe was swapping Golden Syrup for Maple Syrup and I decided to let the Puddini set in the fridge overnight for decoration to ensure they were completely firm and easier to work with. I also put the Puddini back in the fridge after decorating to ensure that the white chocolate set properly. Plus, since it’s Summer here in Australia, they were delicious served cold. Using these changes, the recipe made FIFTY Puddini! I was able to bring them to three functions! Great value for money and very easy to make! Perfect recipe for the holidays!

The Chocolate Puddini were so tasty and popular! I was very proud that they worked out so well after all my recipe tweaking. I will certainly be making these again and not just at Christmas time! I’m sure they would also look great decorated with sugar pearls or stars rather than glazed cherries.

To those of you that celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a Merry one! To those of you that don’t, I hope you had very happy holidays!

What treats did you make over the holidays?

Till next time,
Ms This n That xx


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