The Christmas Tag

Hi everyone,

Happy holidays! I am a self-confessed Christmas geek so I am so excited to write this post!

Thanks to the gorgeous Melissa from Bubbles on Beauty, Fashion and Life! for tagging me. You can read her post here

What’s your favourite holiday movie?
Easy, ‘Love Actually!’ It has a star-studded cast, makes me laugh and cry and squeal and it has about a thousand more warm-fuzzy moments. Watching ‘Love Actually’ instantly puts me in the holiday mood.


What’s your favourite Christmas colour?
Um…all of them! And anything glittery!

Do you open your Christmas presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Bit of both! But Christmas Eve gifts are strictly after midnight only!

What’s your favourite winter fragrance?
Hmmm…I’m in Australia so winter doesn’t have much to do with Christmas for us. I tend to wear a mix of light florals with Jasmine and gardenia hints and fuller vanilla and musky scents, all year round. At Christmas I like to add a hint of berry tones for fun like my The Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter.

Favourite Christmas smell?
Hehe I’d have to say all of them (again!) The aroma of a real Christmas tree, vanilla, ginger, plum, baked goods and, most importantly, the delicious smell of Mum’s traditional Christmas lunch cooking. Feeling hungry now!

At home I currently have Glasshouse Fragrence’s The Night Before Christmas and a Kmart Vanilla Christmas candle burning each night to create a yummy Christmas feel.

What’s your favourite holiday drink?
Red wine and hot chocolate with marshmallows. If it’s hot I love a nice fruit punch/sangria as well!

Have you ever made a snowman?
No 😦

What is most important to you about the holidays?
Giving thoughtful gifts and spending quality time with friends and family.

In the spirit of Christmas I tag EVERYONE! Would love to learn more about what makes the holidays special to all of you!

To all my beautiful readers, stay safe and happy throughout the holiday season!

Till next time,
Ms This n That xx
P.S. All images are sourced from Google.



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