Napoleon Perdis Make-up Lesson Event @Westfield Southland*

On Wednesday 30th October, I attended an exclusive Make-Up Lesson Event at Napoleon Perdis’ Westfield Southland Store. For just $99 Napoleon Perdis Westfield Southland was offering a make-up lesson in any look or technique; a goodie bag and lots of lollies – how could I resist? Oh, and as an added bonus, the service fee was completely redeemable on products, allowing you to practise your new look at home with some of the exact products that you used in-store!

I thought long and hard about what exactly what I wanted to learn at my appointment. The lovely ladies at Napoleon Perdis Westfield Southland really know their stuff and I wanted to get the most out of the event. I also wanted to make sure that whatever I learnt not only benefited me, but my beautiful readers, as well!

As I’m a busy gal who juggles too many jobs, housework and a busy social life, finding time to do my make-up in the morning can be a struggle. I often ‘cop out’ and quickly apply tinted moisturiser, mascara and lipgloss. While this look is better than nothing, it doesn’t really last and I feel a bit blah when I happen to glance at myself in a reflective surface throughout the day and wish that I made more of an effort. I decided that I wanted to learn how to create an easy, but effective everyday look.

As soon as I arrived, I couldn’t help but instantly notice the gorgeous lolly displays the staff had set out for event! I was greeted warmly and introduced to my lovely make-up artist, Fiona.

Above: the super sweet lolly displays.

Above: The lovely ladies at Napoleon Southland (Fiona is on the left.)

Fiona explained that the first step in creating the perfect everyday look is to create an even skin tone. She achieved the perfect base on my skin using Napolean Perdis Autopilot Serum, Autopilot Primer and Advanced Mineral Foundation. I usually try to save time by slapping my foundation onto my face just using my fingers, but after seeing how effortlessly the product glided onto my skin using a brush, I am a complete convert! Using a brush creates a much more even and flawless looking finish.

The next step was using concealers and a contour palette to make my eyes and cheekbones pop! One of my favourite tips I learnt from the appointment was Napoleon’s famous ‘Hollywood V’ technique to conceal any signs of fatigue around my eyes. By applying two different concealers in a V-shape under my eyes and then blending away, Fiona was able to make me look instantly more awake! It was totally a ‘wow moment’ for me and the ‘Hollywood V’ is now an essential part of my daily make-up routine and I am pleased to say that, thanks to Fiona’s careful instruction and demonstration, I can easily recreate the look at home.

When it came to adding colour to my eyes and cheeks, Fiona chose beautiful neutral tones to create the perfect everyday look. On my eyes, Fiona blended some beautiful light brown tones with a touch of shimmer and on my cheeks, a beautiful ‘Mosaic Blush’ that combined a variety of pink and peach shades to highlight my cheekbones without looking too rosy.

Above: The tools of the trade that were used to create the look.

I explained to Fiona that I wanted some advice on applying winged eyeliner and she really took her time to demonstrate it to me on one eye and then watch me recreate the look on my other eye. As a result, I now feel much more confident with using liquid and/or gel liners to create the classic winged eyeliner look that I love.

The finishing touches on the wonderful everyday look that Fiona created was a touch of mascara and a great nude lipstick.

Above: the finished product – a gorgeous everyday look that I loved!

I was absolutely thrilled with the result of the make-up lesson. I loved my new everyday look and couldn’t wait to get home and practise all the wonderful techniques I’d learnt. The look took about fifty minutes to create, but that included the time that Fiona took to demonstrate and explain the techniques. I estimate that it would take about thirty minutes to recreate the full look and considering how great I felt, that’s definitely worth getting out of bed a little earlier for!

Above: Fiona was even kind enough to map out the look for me, listing all the products she used.

It was a tough decision but I decided to purchase the Autopilot Serum and Autopilot Primer to help create the perfect base at home. I was also given a goodie bag full of great samples and offers from both Napoleon and their surrounding stores, as well as some great flyers that explain a variety of Napoleon’s signature make-up techniques. I also signed-up for Napoleon’s Glossy Posse Rewards Card, because I was sure that after my great experience, I’d be back again soon.


Napoleon Perdis offers ‘Makeup Shake Up Lessons’ as part of their everyday In-store Service Menu for $99, fully redeemable on products. So stop questioning your make-up skills and let a wonderful, friendly make-up artist share the beauty secrets that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous!

*Napoleon Perdis @Westfield Southland kindly gave me my make-up lesson at a discounted rate, but this did not affect my opinion in any way. Please refer to my PR & Disclosure Policy for more information.


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