Review: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish*

I loooooovvve nail art, but when it comes to textured polishes, I’m not that experimental. I mainly stick to classic colours with lots of shiny top coat, or if I’m feeling ‘wild’ I’ll use a glitter or shatter polish. Textured nail polish is a huge trend right now and I was secretly desperate to give it a go! So, I was delighted to receive two bottles of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish in Cotton Candies and Sour Apple, the perfect excuse to try something different!

Above: Cotton Candies and Sour Apple Nail polishes. Even the names are sweet!

The colours are just stunning! Cotton Candies is a vibrant pink and and Sour Apple is a gorgeous pale teal – perfect shades for spring! The colours both looked so fun that I couldn’t decide which one to try first so I decided to combine them. I painted Sour Apples on my ring fingers and Cotton Candies on the rest.

I was surprised to find that the textured affect appeared on my nails pretty much as soon as I painted them! Before l knew it my nails were covered with cute little bumps that almost looked like tiny bubbles. They literally looked like I had dipped my nails in sugar! When they dried, I discovered they felt like it to!

Above: Sugar sweet nails!

The bottles suggest applying two thin coats and, in this case, the bottle ain’t lying! I’m not the best painter, and on some nails I clumsily applied too much polish and the textured affect wasn’t as neat or as pretty as the nails where I had managed to apply the polish more delicately.

I would definitely wear this polish again on a day when I’m feeling brave enough to venture away from my ‘safe’ shiny nail polish look. I also think Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured nail polish would make a gorgeous contribution to a girly costume for a dress-up party.

So, if you’re a girl who loves to try all the latest nail trends, you simply must try Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, it’s the sweetest nail look going around!

*These nail polishes were kindly provided for my consideration but this has not influenced my opinion in any way.


4 thoughts on “Review: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish*

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  2. Great review! I have the fuzzy coat polish by Sally Hansen and I love it but it’s a pain to remove! Let me know how difficult this polish is to remove 🙂


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