Daiso Beauty Haul

If you haven’t heard of Daiso yet, it’s an amazing Japenese discount variety store. Similar to the ‘$2-Up Shops’ that seem to have existed in every shopping centre and strip since the dawn of time. With Daiso however, EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE STORE IS JUST $2.80! Yes, I am so excited that I had to use capitals! Another important quality that sets Daiso apart from other discount stores, is that the items I have purchased so far have been of excellent quality – woohoo!

A new Daiso store has opened at Chadstone Shopping Centre (there are also stores in the city and Westfield Doncaster) which is super convenient for me, being so close to the freeway and therefore ‘on the way home’ from most places. Dangerously convenient actually, especially on occasions like the other day when I had an hour kill between work and a family dinner and I decided to ‘pop in and have a look around.’

I grabbed a basket and took my time perusing the aisles. Before I knew it, I’d spent $61.60. However, I bought A LOT of stuff and saved A LOT of money so I see it as a massive win.

Here’s a description of everything I bought, from left to right.

1. Ankle Socks
They are kind of hidden in this photo, but these ankle socks are super low cut which means they are great with runners. They are also 100% cotton and super comfy! I have no idea how Japanese sock sizes work but it usually wear an Australian size 6, and a Daiso size 4 fits me perfectly.

2. Eyebrow Pencil
I get my eyebrows tinted every 4 – 6 weeks, but in between, when the colour fades, I usually colour them in a little with an eyeliner for evening looks. Decided to ‘splash out’ and try a pencil especially made for the task, being $2.80 and all…

3. Shower Cap
I’ve never used a shower cap before. I usually just tie my hair-up and dodge the shower head on non-hair washing days, but this one was SO CUTE! I’ve only used it a couple times since I bought it, but it’s great quality, dries quickly after use and did I mention it’s SO CUTE? Haha

4. Multipack of Pocket Tissues
It’s hay fever season so I carry tissues everywhere! This tissues are great quality and a multipack for $2.80? Yes please!

5. 2 sets of make-up remover wet tissue wipes
I always use make-up wipes as a first step in removing my make-up so I always buy in bulk. Daiso stock lots of different types. These ones are a little too thin for my liking, but do the job!

6. Aloe Vera Make-up Remover Wipes
Love these! Good thickness, nice scent and remove all make-up. Will definitely buy these again.

7. Romantic Mini Perfume
I love little perfumes that you can fit into your clutch on a night out. Purchased this just because I was curious really to see how a bargain perfume compared to other brands. This is a sweet floral eau de toilette with staying power.

8. 2 hair barrettes
I love barrettes, especially on non-hair washing days. These are fun and stylish with a touch of sparkle.

9. 2 pack of Sectioning clips
Have been meaning to invest in good Sectioning clips for ages, but the idea of spending $2.80 for a 2 pack seemed much more appealing. Have used them and they are great!

10. So many fake eyelashes!
I love fake eyelashes! I stocked-up on these large pairs because I have a show coming-up. (I’m playing June in Nova Music Theatre’s Production of ‘Gypsy’ you can get more info at http://www.novamusictheatre.com.au , pardon the plug.) I wore these recently at a publicity photo shoot for the show and they looked great! Such a bargain considering fake eyelashes are usually $8 – $12 each and I usually need at least 5 pairs to get through a three week season of a show.

11. Floral Make-Up remover wipes
Exactly the same as the Aloe Vera wipes but with a more floral scent. I prefer the Aloe Vera.

As you can see, I definitely got great value for money. Some people may stick their nose up at the idea of shopping at a discount variety store like Daiso, but I say, why not? Through saving money on hair clips, make-up wipes and eyelashes etc., I can spend more on treat items/experiences (like the Spa mani/pedi I’m planning to have when the show is finished) or save-up for travelling (NYC dream holiday, I’m looking at you!)

Have you splurged at Daiso recently? What did you buy and what did you think of the products?

Till next time,

Ms This n That xx


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