Introducing: The Must-Have Shopping List

It is with great pleasure that I launch the newest addition to Ms This N That Blog – The Must-Have Shopping List

Ms This N That Blog’s Must-Have Shopping List is your easy shopping list for when you are looking for a new [insert beauty product here] and you just want something that works! It lists all your essential beauty products in alphabetical order.

As I’ve said before, as much as I love indulging in luxury beauty brands, I believe that you don’t have to necessarily spend big for great results. Therefore, I’ve included a ‘Luxury Investment’ (for when you feel like treating yourself) and ‘Bargain Buy’ (for when you’re counting your coinage until pay day) option for each category. All products have been tried, tested and adored by your’s truly (or my husband, in the case of the men’s products.)

I will be constantly updating the list as I discover new, great beauty products. I will make sure that I introduce each product that I add with a quick post.

As you will see, there are TBA items in some categories, which basically means I haven’t yet found a product that I truly LOVE (I only want to recommend the very best to my readers!) I’d love if you could please suggest some products I should try in those categories! I will be sure to credit you in a post if/when I include it.

Just click on Must-Have Shopping List on the tool bar above to start viewing the list now.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of the products on the Must-Have Shopping List and what you thought of them. Which products would be on your list?

Till next time,

Ms This n That xx


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