Friday 20th September: Bright Pink Lipstick Day


So today is Bright Pink Lipstick Today and I assume that, if you’re a lover of all things bright pink and lipsticky like I am, the name alone is enough to make you want to jump on board! Hold your horses ladies, please keep reading and let me further explain what it’s all about so you can understand why your pink pout is so special today.

Basically, all you need to do today is slap on your favourite bright pink lippie to show that you support raising awareness of breast and ovarian cancers. This clever, fun day was organised by the Australian Charity Pink Hope with Revlon as its official partner. According to the Mission Statement on the Pink Hope Website, “Pink Hope is Australia’s first community designed to inspire women to be proactive and vigilant with their breast and ovarian health, while providing a safe haven for high risk women to connect.”

Today, being Bright Pink Lipstick Day, is the perfect day to get involved in supporting the wonderful charity ‘Pink Hope,’ through making a donation ; attending a Bright Pink Lipstick Day event and/or purchasing the Limited Edition Revlon Lipstick Shade ‘Pink Hope’ (available at Target, Priceline and selected pharmacies.)

The motto of Bright Pink Lipstick Day is ‘Wear, Share and Show You Care’ which is super catchy, right? And, so easy to do!

1. WEAR: Brighten your day by slicking on your brightest, most fabulous pink shade of lippie.

2. SHARE Pucker up, take a selfie and share it with the world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #brightpinklipstickday #pinkhope and #revlon.

3. CARE Show you care by making whatever donation you can to Pink Hope, either personally or you team-up with your workmates or friends and make a group donation. There are awesome events to attend or you could even get involved by just purchasing a hot new Revlon lippie ‘Pink Hope.’

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Wear your best bright pink pout today and take a selfie. Don’t forget to Wear and Share to Show you Care today!

Check out the Pink Hope Website for more information.


Till next time,
Ms This n That xx

Twitter: @Miss_Clairey
Instagram: @msthisnthatblog


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