The Importance of Being Pampered: Endota Spa Melbourne CBD Review

It is a truth universally acknowledged that winter takes a toll on our bodies, mentally and physically. Lack of vitamin D (the feel-good vitamin pumped out by our old friend sunshine) has been proven to increase sadness, which is probably why it is so much harder to roll out of bed on a winter morning. The cold makes us more prone to sore, tired muscles and it’s so much harder for our skin to stay dewy and fresh when it is being smacked in the face with frosty wind everyday. In desperate attempt to stay warm and happy, we reach for carbalicious comfort food, and because moving is such an effort, we don’t exercise as much; which doesn’t do any favours for our skin or our waistlines. My best friend Or and I had spent many of our recent coffee catch-ups venting about how much tougher life seems to be in winter, so when her 25th birthday rolled around, I decided to treat her to a pampering sesh at Endota Spa in the Melbourne CBD so we could both escape a dreary winter day and indulge in some much-needed TLC.

I first treated myself to an Endota Spa experience a month before my wedding last year. I’ve always taken pretty good care of my skin but, feeling the pressure to ensure my wedding day skin was the best skin of my life, I decided I better get some professional assistance. I booked myself in for an hour facial and, in the midst of a very stressful time of my life, the treatment was relaxing, indulgent and just what the doctor ordered! Not to mention my skin felt and looked fantastic afterwards. I ended-up booking myself in for another facial two weeks before the wedding and a deluxe relaxation massage the week of the wedding. It was money well-spent, I felt beautiful on my wedding day, just like every bride should. So when I need a pampering treatment, or even just some new skincare products, Endota Spa locations are my go-to spas. Sure, it’s the only spa branch I’ve ever tried, but I say: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I love how environmentally conscious Endota Spa is, and that they focus on using organic and natural ingredients. I also love how, compared to some other spas, the service prices are very affordable.

Speaking of affordable, Endota Spa’s August special is a one hour facial and half an hour massage session for just $120, which sounded exactly like what Or and I needed! I called-up Endota Spa in the Melbourne CBD and the friendly receptionist kindly booked us in and gave me the option to have our services carried out in separate rooms or the same room. As Or and I have been friends for many years; have lost all sense of personal space around each other; and consider each other to be sisters from different misters, I booked us into the shared room (much to our husbands’ amusement – typical boys!) The spa also kindly agreed to organise champagne and platters of nibbles for after our treatments for just $40.

Endota’s Melbourne CBD is tucked away on the lower level of 69 – 71 Flinders Lane. It truly is a relaxing oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. Upon arrival, we were welcomed and taken to a lounge where we could relax and sip green tea as we filled out our client information forms. We were then taken to the beautiful, warm treatment room which was dimly lit and the aromas of essential oils lingered in the air. We were instructed to change into plush robes, sit on the chairs on opposite sides of the room and begin Endota’s signature ‘Billabong Footbath.’ It was heaven to soak my sore, tired feet in the hot bath and relax. When our therapists returned, they scrubbed our feet, while consulting to us about our skin types and massage preferences. I’ve never met an Endota Spa employee that I didn’t like and these beautiful therapists were no exception. They were polite, courteous and made us feel very comfortable.

After drying our feet, our therapists lead us to our individual massage tables, holding-up towels so we could discretely remove our robes and cover our bodies with the warm towels on the table. I relaxed onto the heated massage table, rapped in a cocoon of beautiful warm towels and for the next hour and a half I completely relaxed; which is unfortunately a rarity in my busy life. The time just flew by and I didn’t want it to end. The highlight of the facial for me was the incredible Rosehip and Myrrh Face Mask, which was super nourishing on my dry skin and left my face feeling revived and plump (in a good way!)

Following the treatments, our therapists left the room so we could change back into our normal clothes and Or and I couldn’t stop singing the praises of our treatments as we did so. It made me so happy to see that my friend really appreciated and enjoyed the gift. When we left the treatment room our therapists led us to a different lounge where glasses of sparkling rosè and decadent food platters had been set out for us. We were left to relax for as long as we liked, we had many a laugh and enjoyed the luxurious food and drink to finish off our beautiful spa afternoon.



Upon leaving, I couldn’t resist purchasing the beautiful face mask that was used during my facial for just $40, and I asked for samples of good eye creams because I feel my dry skin definitely needs it during the winter months. The staff generously gave me four sachets of eye creams to try out at home!


All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon, and it was so lovely to share it with my best friend. It was a true bonding experience. If you are stumped for a gift for YOUR best friend, a relative or even your partner, Endota Spa has a pampering package to suit you. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the August special and just treat yourself.

Above: myself and Or, all fresh-faced after our facials. Sorry for the black and white filter, but friends don’t post make-up free pictures of friends without a filter 😉

To find an Endota Spa near you and check out its treatment menu, visit their website.

Go on folks, pamper yourselves!

Till next time,

Ms This n That xx


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