Olay Regenerist Event @Westfield Southland Shopping Centre


Photos from left to right: Zoë Foster Blake hosting the event; Rebecca Gibney, prize winner Verity & Zoë Foster Blake; myself & Rebecca Gibney (from the Olay Facebook page); and Zoë Foster Blake & myself.

On the morning of Thursday 8th August, I sat on my couch scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed, procrastinating tackling the to-do list on my so-called ‘morning-off.’ My spirits lifted when I saw a tweet from beauty/lifestyle blogger, author and all round awesome chick, Zoë Foster Blake, saying that she was going to be hosting a promotional event for Olay Regenerist, with the ambassador Rebecca Gibney, that very evening at Westfield Southland! Those of you who read my last post may recall that I work very close to Westfield Southland, and my purse and I have mixed feelings about this convenience, but this was definitely a time that I was grateful for it! A free beauty event featuring Rebecca Gibney AND one of my favourite bloggers around the corner from work? I definitely had something to look forward to at the end of my crazy day now!

Olay is one of those iconic brands that feels like it’s been around forever because, well, it kind of has! According to the history page of the Olay website, in the 1950s, South African chemist Graham Wulff was inspired to create a beauty cream for his wife who was unsatisfied with the products currently on the market – how romantic! Oil of Olay was born amd flourished in South Africa. By 1959, the product was also achieving success in England, the USA, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany. Eventually, it also made it’s way down under and became one of the most recognisable and accessible skincare brands in Australia.

Regenerist is one of Olay’s exciting skincare lines designed to maintain youthful appearance. The formula fights skin fatigue and fine lines, while boosting firmness and radiance. Sounds great to me! Beloved New Zealander/Australian actress Rebecca Gibney has been the face of Olay Regenerist since 2011. Olay has truly chosen the perfect spokeswoman for the Regenerist line. At the age of 48, Rebecca’s look is classy, stylish and timeless, and of course she has beautiful skin!

I got to Southland half an hour before the start time of the event, bought a Chai Latte and scored myself a good table at Gloria Jeans, just metres from outside Coles, where the event was being set-up. Staff were already taking entries for the competition to win a year’s supply of Olay Regenerist. As a firm believer of ‘you gotta be in it to win it’, I thought I may as well enter. The form asked for contact details and an answer to the question ‘what do you love about ageing?’ As a young woman going through a self-confessed ‘quarter life crisis,’ I don’t like to think about the fact that I’m ‘ageing’; but there is no denying that I am certainly ‘growing-up.’ I know myself much better now than I did in my late teens/early twenties – and I like myself much more too! Growing-up, with all its twists and turns, is actually a great ride, and I guess ‘ageing’ is just something that comes along with it. I quickly scrawled on the paper that ‘I love learning more and more everyday’ and placed my entry in the box. I was shocked when, about ten minutes later, I received an SMS from Olay saying that I was a finalist for the competition!

Zoë Foster Blake soon took the microphone and began to warm-up the crowd by chatting about the Regenerist range, the competition and Rebecca Gibney. I was pleased to discover that Zoë is just as warm, effervescent and beautiful in real life as she is in print! She was a picture of seemingly effortless style in a well-tailored blazer, cute floral-print top, cropped straight leg suit pants and a pair of black patent leather Louboutin high heels (I couldn’t help but swoon over the shoes!) Zoë announced Rebecca Gibney’s arrival, and the Australian icon took the stage. Rebecca also looked stylish in a red blazer with a belt that emphasised her great figure (and matched the Regenerist line’s signature colour perfectly); tailored black suit pants and heels. Her face just glowed! When Zoë asked Rebecca what her secret to ageing so gracefully was, Rebecca proudly announced that her appearance was thanks to red wine and chocolate. Every woman in the audience giggled joyfully and silently hoped it was true!

Rebecca Gibney announced that the winner of the competition was a lady named Verity. Verity squealed and ran to the stage, proclaiming her love for Olay and Rebecca Gibney. I was so glad that the prize went to such a lovely and deserving winner. As a consolation prize, I won a beautiful Olay Sweet Pea and Vanilla scented candle. As you may remember, I ADORE scented candles, so I was thrilled with my prize.


Rebecca Gibney then posed for pictures with every single member of the audience and a photographer took photos for the Olay Facebook page. It was lovey to meet Rebecca, she was warm and friendly and thanked each of us for attending.

To be honest, the highlight of the event for me was meeting Zoë Foster Blake I have been a fan of her witty writing for a long time, especially her column for Cosmopolitan Magazine and her blog Fruity Beauty. Yep, I’m a bit of a fan girl, but can you blame me? Zoë kindly had a photo with me and we chatted about blogging, our weddings and ‘Southlands’ (um yeah, we kind of have an in-joke*, don’t be jealous.) 😉

All in all, it was an awesome event, thank you to the good people at Westfield and Olay for organising it and to the Twitter gods for ensuring that I found out about it.

Stay beautiful peeps,

Ms This n That xx

*In my dreams.


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