Bargain Buys To Brighten Your Week #2

Here are the latest bargains acquired in my travels this week. Enjoy!


1. Glassons Black Mojo Pants

So maybe they are technically leggings, but these super-flattering black pants are definitely going to take a proud place in my regular clothes rotation. They are comfortable, high-waisted and suck everything in. Amazing with a blazer and long singlet or an oversized knit jumper and fun scarf. Dress-up with heels or tuck into flat boots for a more casual look. Regular retail price is $49.95 but I managed to get them on sale for $29.95. Been eyeing these pants for ages so the discount made my day!

2. New accessories from Diva

Collar necklaces are huge right now, and as my friend Or says they can change-up an old top or dress and make it look brand new! I love this one because the pattern is very dainty and feminine and unlike some collar necklaces, it’s actually very light and comfortable to wear. The price is right too – $19.95.

The golden rule of big necklaces is to keep the earrings simple, so I also grabbed these cute black and gold studs for just $4.95.

3. Tote Bag from Forever New

I was in desperate need of a new large black bag and stumbled across this in my travels. I have bought bags from Forever New before and they are always great quality and last for ages (unlike some other bags from clothing stores that fall apart after only a few uses.) This bag has a classic, glamorous look (clearly paying homage to some top-end designers) and looks great over the shoulder or elbow. This is a wonderful example of getting the look for less at $39.95

4. Blazer from Valleygirl

I love blazers! To the point where I probably own too many, but I just can’t get enough. I love this one because it is perfect to add a pop of colour to a predominately black outfit and it has a very flattering, tailored silhouette. I also love that the sleeves can be rolled-up to reveal grey cotton cuffs to make the look more casual. Reduced to just $19.95, it was the perfect excuse to add another blazer to my collection.

Would love to hear about your fashionable finds this week, just leave a comment below.

Until next time,
Ms This n That xo

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