Bargain Buys To Brighten Your Week #1

I was originally planning for my first official blog post to be a new product review, but this week has been a particularly good shopping week and I was spoilt for choice (I’m sure the back to work blues has nothing to do with it. Wink, wink.) So, decided to share FOUR great new purchases. While these products are all very different, they have four important qualities in common: they’re cute, cheap, convenient and they actually work! What more could you ask for?

Here is the first edition of ‘Bargain Buys To Brighten Your Week’:

1. Sticky Notes Set
Where did I find it? Kmart
Price: $2

I’ve always been a sucker for cute stationary and thanks to this cute range from Kmart, you no longer have to spend a small fortune to get it. Available in three cute designs, these stylish sticky notes in a convenient fold-out wallet kick florescent post-it’s to to the curb! (Not to mention being much cheaper!)

Needless to say, my notebooks are now accessorised and organised thanks to these sticky notes!

2. Coral Vintage-Inspired Cardigan
Where did I find it? Temt
Price: $24.95

There is so much to love about this super girly cardigan. Firstly, it can be worn buttoned-up as a jumper or wear it open for a more casual, yet tailored look. Team it with a white shirt, black skirt and heels for a work-ready style; or with jeans, a singlet and your favourite flats for a cute casual outfit. It could also add a splash of colour to your favourite little black dress.

This cardigan illustrates everything I love about stores like Temt. It’s well-made and completely on-trend (the vintage style reminds me of a certain designer who shall not be named.) I also adore how all the little details (such as the gold pearl-look buttons and lace and pearl collar) which make it a true statement piece without the huge price tag. It also comes in navy blue and I had to restrain myself from buying it in both colours.

3. Ceramic coffee travel cup
Where did I find it? Australia Post Shop (yes, I even stumble across bargains while posting letters.) The brand is
Price: 2 for $15 (told you it was a bargain! :D)

Firstly, I love coffee. Secondly, coffee makes traffic better, especially when the cup fits in my car’s cup holder and I run less of a risk of spilling it all over me. Thirdly, I want to minimise the amount of paper coffee cups in my life and bringing our own cups to café is a small change we can all make to be more green (coffee tastes better in a real cup anyway.) Fourthly, I got two cups for less than the price of one in many other stores. And, finally, it’s covered in pink details and polka dots…I rest my case.

4. Girlz Only Dawn ‘Til Dusk Dry Shampoo
Where did I find it? Target (I think it is a Target exclusive brand)
Price: $2 (yes, you read that right)

When I first heard about dry shampoo, this magical product that you spray in your neglected hair and it suddenly looks and feels clean, I thought it was a myth. When I noticed this particular dry shampoo next to the confectionary and other impulse buys while waiting in the queue at Target one day, I thought for the price, what was there to lose? There was nothing to lose! Just lots of time and shampoo-saving to gain! I can literally feel and see a difference when I use this product and it has a fresh scent to add to the cleanliness effect. I have tried other more expensive brands, and this bargain is the best. Try it out, you won’t regret it.

What bargains did you find this week? Comment below to let me know!

Till next time,
Ms. This n That xo



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